UAVP Build

My UAVP (Universal Aerial Video Platform)
Updated to UAVX
I initially built this is 2007 - things have moved on now....

It's a Quadcopter built from an Open Source development, more info here:
Although most of the tech and help came from this forum:

Here's some pictures of how I created it:

The main structure is made from Sign Board, it's very thin alloy with plastic bonded, very light and strong.
It's white so I used vinyl gunmetal and red.

I put O'Rings between the delrin blocks I made to give some damping


The cage I hand made from alloy

Booms from a 450 heli

12amp ESC

Ta Da!

Modified the leg of carbon rod, fitted 5.8Ghz video sender custom built and a Canon SD450 (Ixus 55)



I used a remote camera device for the FlyCamOne (FC02) with the modified CHDK Firmware on the Canon to get remote shutter working through a USB lead, it needs 5v on pins 1 and 4.
All worked well until I connected the video out for the camera, I found that the FC02 switched the ground not the live, the video jack is grounded so when plugging that in triggers the shutter.
I made this simple circuit with an old transistor to change this around.

Test Circuit

FC02 plugs onto pins

CHDK Firmware, set to run a simple remote shutter script on auto

CHDK on Canon

5.8Ghz video transmitter made on veroboard

5.8Ghz TX

Because of the 2mm pins on the RX unit I had to make my own PCB

5.8Ghz RX

Experimenting with antennas at moment.


Full Spec:

Firmware = UAVX-V1.768gke-18F2620-16
Motor to Motor = 770mm
Receiver : Spektrum AR7000
TX : Spektrum DX7
Motor = 2410-09 840KV Outrunner Brushless Motor (Red)
ESC = Robotbirds 12A
Props = epp1045
Gyro= 3x ADSRX300
Compass = HMC6352
Accel = LIS3LV02DQ
Baro = SMP085
LM3480 and capacitors fitted to reduce to 3.3v - Moved to Tricopter build

Weight: 880g
With battery: 1060g
With Canon camera: 1220g
With HD camera: 1205g


Replaced TL431 with LM3480 Low-Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator to get proper 3.3v

3.3v convert


Dont fly tired, at night and on low batteries.



File uavp-pops.AVI1.41 MB