Nest Thermostat



It’s been over 3 months now since Nest was fitted and I wanted to see if I had saved anything on my heating bills.
No, I hadn’t, in fact I’ve spent more.
But it’s a much nicer house to live in. We tended to manually control the thermostat before, nice and warm in the sitting room and cold everywhere else.
I’m still more than happy with it though, just set and forget.



Only the week before at work I'm shown the British Gas version called Hive and am really impressed.
The next week my wireless thermostat dies, now I know it's weird but honestly...

In my grubby hands, some shop called PCWorld or something
Nest Thermostat box

There's the Main Thermostat and the Control Unit that connects into the boiler
Stickers, clips, install manual, Micro USB power lead and brick











My old wireless thermostat (Towerstat) has lasted years, fitted below the boiler so removing this and fitting the main control unit was easy

Wireless Thermostat

 Boiler wiring diagram


Most boilers have a simple switched make/break connector for controlling the boiler from a thermostat
The previous Towerstat only fed live mains voltage so removing that was more complicated than fitting the Nest unit. Lots of options for what they say covers nearly 100% of boilers


The thermostat is really solid and heavy to hold, so heavy in fact that it's not designed to sit flat, the smallest press on the unit activates the button.
So it's to be mounted on the wall.
They supply a conversion plate for your old thermostat or you buy the expensive Nest Stand... £29.95!


The Hive Thermostat has batteries and so more portable, this I thought was the deal breaker when looking at both. Actually the Nest really only needs to be in one place and I'll control it from the app. The old Towerstat you needed close to manually adjust it.
Putting your evening "hot" cup of coffee next to it doesn't help so it's best out of my grasp.

Control Unit below called Heat Link

 Nest Control Unit

 So plugging it all in, the thermostat gets you to jump through a few hoops like wifi, minimum temp, country, postcode, colour of your shirt 

A couple more updates then an online signup that asks the same questions again, a bit weird

Some more updating, twice

And that's it, finished! You get the same display on your phone, tablet app, Web Page as the screen on the unit

If you're used to setting a schedule for heating then it's hard to get your head around the learning side of the Nest at first. 
I went straight to the schedule and found it unintuitive to add a time and temperature, and that's just it, you don't need to.
Turn it down as you go to bed, turn it up in the morning, all day on Saturday and extra early Sunday and it learns this. It learns how long it takes to heat up so if you're home at 5.30pm it's already warmed the house to what you set the day before. It even distinguishes days so if you work at home on Thursdays it knows this. It monitors the outside weather and adjusts for this too.
It knows if you are in and if you've left the house will turn the heating down, also handy if you die in the house as it'll not waste gas keeping you warm ....

Taking a Stand

So I wasn't happy drilling holes in the wall and wanted a stand for mine.
No way was I paying £30 for it.
I made a quick design, some black acrylic, plastic screws and umm-errr hair straighteners (Best use aluminium foil too) and a bit of thin wetsuit neoprene



Some more Techy stuff.

Inside the Nest there is a proximity (PIR) sensor, when you walk near it lights up to show you the temperature, also far proximity sensor and light sensor.
A Lipo battery, kind of wondered why after unplugging it continued to work.
A humidity sensor, this shows the percent on the front screen and of course a temperature sensor.
If you're desperate connect the Nest to your PC (it'll keep it charged) but you also get a 37mb USB flash drive, bonus!